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ZettaScript is an independant developers group, who give their modest contribution to the free and open-source software. Because the Internet and computer science belong to everybody, accessibility is a major target for us.

Free software

We bring, thanks to the free software, alternatives to proprietary softwares of big companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon or Microsoft. The aim of free softwares is not to enrich its creators or owners, but to be constantly improved by the community. Free softwares often are better than proprietary softwares, more reliable, and match better to the users' expectations.

Here, we usually use the licences GNU AGPL v3 or CC BY-SA 4.0, which have a lot of advantages. We are encouraging to use free softwares and services, like the whole family Framasoft.


Everybody does not access the same way to digital contents and services, according to the age, a handicap, or simply the used device. We fight for equality in the Internet!

ZettaScript is in partnership with ProgAccess, for accessible softwares with a visual handicap.

Projects & experiments


PolyVers Explorer

Omniscalar physic engine with procedural universe generation


Ğmixer : Cryptocurrency anonymizer

A protocol and a software to safely anonymize cryptocurrency transactions thanks to a distributed onion network.



Bindings Python3 for PKSTL security network layer



Rust : Wrapper implementing maths-traits for rug


pygeconomicus: Ğeconomicus on the network

A software implementation of the game Ğeconomicus to play on the Internet.


WorldWotMap : Geographic map of Ğ1 certifications

An interactive map showing Cesium+ accounts at their geographic position and the web of trust Duniter.



JavaScript browser library for parsing UBJSON


Minitel-GPIO: A Minitel as a Linux terminal

A tutorial and a Python 3 library to get the Minitel's output and to control it with a Raspberry Pi, without any adapter. (in French)


Arduino Jukebox with a dial phone

Interface an old pulse phone with an Arduino to play music.


RPiDisplays: A screen for Raspberry Pi using Python

A Python 3 library for Raspberry Pi to control a graphical LCD12864 screen by GPIO.


Arduino simple serial oscilloscope

A very simple Arduino serial oscilloscope, with a Python GUI for drawing beautiful lines.


ATTCHAR: A PHP accessible antispam

An accessible visual or auditive antispam system in PHP, self-hosted, simple to install and working without JavaScript, to set free from the slow and less accessible centralized Google CAPTCHA.